Finance Committee

Next Meeting • 23/09/2024

19:30 meeting

Previous Meeting • 05/06/2024

19:30 meeting

Agenda Draft Minutes

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to monitor all Sandridge Parish Council’s income, expenditure and investments, recommend the annual budget and parish precept to Full Council for agreement, monitor the internal and external auditing of the Council and insurance matters in accordance with legislation, guidance and the Council’s Financial Regulations and Standing Orders.

The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring and managing the finances of Sandridge Parish Council in conjunction with the Responsible Financial Officer and the Clerk to the Council. The Committee’s primary objective is to provide best value and efficient use of the Council’s available financial resources for the services Sandridge Parish Council decides to provide on behalf of the local community. The Committee will provide advice and recommendations to full Council on the progress of actual spending versus planned budgets, on the available resources for capital projects and on new or revised operational initiatives.  

Chair of SPC, 5 Parish Councillors, Clerk (ex-officio). (quorum 3 Parish Councillors).

Councillors: Graham Leonard (Chair SPC), John Hale (current Chair), Luke Sieger, James Lambert, Julie Oakley, Jenny Roberts

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