Policies & Documents

All local authorities must conduct their business in an open and transparent way and comply with statutory requirements about decision making and the activities they undertake.

In this section you can access a wide range of information and documents relating to the council's decision-making processes and the legal framework it operates within.


Planning applications

Sandridge Parish Council has no power to approve planning applications, although we do review and comment on plans to St. Albans District Council who are responsible for all planning decisions.

Sandridge Parish Council Representatives for Parish Planning Matters:
Graham Leonard
John Hale
Mary Ternouth
Julie Oakley
June Reid
Luke Sieger
Jenny Roberts

Please ensure you have your Planning Application Reference Number and view St. Albans District Council's planning pages on their website.
Please see the Latest Planning Lists. Applications and decisions are broken down by ward allowing you to find those local to Sandridge.


Councillor Code of Conduct

The current Code of Conduct was adopted by the council in June 2021.

 Read Sandridge Parish Council's Code of Conduct


Standing orders

 View the comprehensive details of Sandridge Parish Council Standing Orders


Financial Regulations

View Sandridge Parish Council's Financial Regulations


Member's Allowances

 Click here to see Members Allowances for 2023


Armed Forces Covenant

View Sandridge Parish Council's Armed Forces Covenant


Treasury and Investment Policy

View Sandridge Parish Council's Treasury and Investment Policy


Safeguarding Policy

View Sandridge Parish Council's Safeguarding Policy


Equality and Diversity Policy

View the Equity and Diversity Policy