Nomansland Common

Nomansland Common is a very popular recreational area for dog walkers, horse riders, flying kites & model airplanes, and families who enjoy a picnic on a Sunday afternoon.  The Common is also a haven for wildlife and the heathland on the north side of Ferrers Lane is some of the best in South Hertfordshire and continues to support a wealth of rare plants, including Dwarf Gorse and Heather.

Nomansland Common is an area of 52 hectares of open space, owned by the Althorp estate and Wheathampstead Parish Council. It sits astride both the B651 road to Wheathampstead and Ferrers Lane. Nomansland Common lies across two parishes, Sandridge and Wheathampstead. During the 15th Century the monasteries of St Albans and Westminster both contested the Common for their respective parish and acted as the ‘no-mans-land’ between the two warring factions, with over twenty years of disputes. Finally in 1429, a jury agreed that the parishes should share the grazing rights and a boulder of Hertfordshire pudding stone was used to mark the parish boundary. Nomansland Joint Management Committee is represented by St Albans City and District Council, Sandridge Parish Council and Wheathampstead Parish Council. Meetings are administered by Wheathampstead Parish Council and the agendas and minutes can be found on the Parish Council website.

A link to the Nomansland Common Greenspace Action Plan can be found here;


 Nomansland Common Greenspace Action Plan

 Download a printable map of Nomansland Common