Jersey Farm Woodland Park

Jersey Farm Woodland Park is the largest of the Parish’s outdoor spaces comprising some 55 acres of mixed woodland and meadowland on the site of former farmland between Sandringham Crescent and St Albans Road on the north.  The Park is leased by the Parish from St Albans District Council on a 30-year term but an application has now been made to acquire the freehold, to include the adjoining open space and play area adjacent to Wheat Close. There are five main entrances onto the park including one which can be accessed from Jersey Lane, a popular footpath and cycleway which runs between Sandridge Village and St. Albans. We have successfully received the Green Flag Award for 13 consecutive years This is the international quality mark for parks and green spaces and something that the Parish Council is immensely proud of.

The Jersey Farm Woodland Park Management Committee, comprising both Parish and District Council Councillors and Public Members, provides oversight of the park through a 5-yearly management plan, detailing maintenance works and other activities to protect and enhance the area for local residents and wildlife. We have a large pond on site for wildlife, and bee hives which are managed by local bee keepers. The park is a popular destination for dog walkers, and we ask that all dogs be kept under control to ensure the safety and well-being of other users and wildlife alike.

Around the perimeter of the park runs a permissive bridleway and a network of informal paths cross the meadowland making it an ideal place for both ramblers and dog walkers who can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the views over the Sandridge countryside. It is also used by the Parkrun organisation every Saturday morning, one of two venues in St Albans.

Benches, many featuring memorial plaques to local people, are strategically positioned around the park. Over 10,000 native trees have been planted on the Jersey Farm Woodland Park along with many grasses and wildflowers. Regular volunteer days are held, undertaking seasonal tasks such as vegetation clearance or assisting with tree thinning. The group has recently completely a significant stretch of traditional hedge laying along the northern boundary and around Woodland House.

The Park is the site for a memorial to the Burma Star Association, and one dedicated to naval defence forces, both situated by the Chiltern Road entrance. 


 Download a printable map of Jersey Farm Woodland Park